Microsoft’s new Insider webpage is the ultimate one-stop shop for all Insiders


2, 2019

The way Microsoft maintains its existing services got a lot more complex over the last few years. Anyone with an intent to test Microsoft’s pre-release software and services usually finds it difficult to get to them in the first place. This is no longer going to be the case as Microsoft has found a way to address the issue.

Those wanting to test services and software like Bing, Skype, Windows and as well as the Insider program will no longer need to go to their respective webpages to know information related to the Insider Program. Microsoft has created a new webpage where we will find all the information about all the existing Insider Programs available right now. From there, you will be able to join any Insider program you want, know various important information about Insider program, and many other things.

As a participant in an Insider program, you will have preview access to the latest features, news and updates. You will know the news before the general public, you will be the first to provide feedback directly to our employees, including engineers, and you will help shape the future of your favorite products. Register now for each program to find out what’s new at Microsoft.

Go to or click here to access the Insider webpage.

Via: HTNovo

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