Microsoft’s New Chief Experience Officer Talks About Her New Role, Criticism On Windows 8 And More

Julie Larsen Green Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced that Julie Larson-Green who was the head of hardware division at Microsoft will move on to a new role as Chief Experience Officer as Stephen Elop will take over her old job. Speaking to Recode at MWC, Julie talked about her new role at Microsoft, future of Microsoft, and the criticisms on Windows 8. She revealed that her top hardware job was not quite as close to product design as she hoped for. And she thought that becoming CXO(Chief Experience Officer) was exciting and new and part of the strategic direction of where Satya (Nadella) is taking the company.

Within a fairly short time Microsoft is going to be a maker of phones, tablets and wearables. What do you think of Microsoft’s prospects in those markets.

I think the vision of a computer on every desk has just evolved to be in every hand, in every pocket and every surface around you, no pun intended. We are going to be there with things you care about. That’s one of the things that was nice about hardware.

Is that going to be new for you? Do you have to go out and get an iPhone or an Android device?

You know me. I always use everybody’s everything. I have an iPhone, I have a Galaxy Note. I have an HTC One. I am a gadget girl. I have a FitBit, a FuelBand, all that stuff. You should see my living room. I have it all–TiVo, PS4, Xbox One.

I think you have to live the life and understand how people are using technology and how it is fitting into people’s lives and what benefits it is providing for folks. I use my Nokia phone most of the time.

When asked about people writing off Windows 8 in this mobile centric word she said, “Change is super hard… There’s definitely things I would think about doing differently to ease that transition. I think change was needed… I don’t know that building just another Windows 7 would have been helpful.”.

Good to see the clarity from Julie.. Hope she brings out more awesome experiences to people out of Microsoft. Read the full interview from the link below.

Source: Recode