We reported recently that LinkedIn was one of the applications discovered to be snooping on the clipboard of iOS users by new privacy and security measures in iOS14.

Once discovered Microsoft rapidly corrected the issue, but not fast enough for Adam Bauer, who files a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court complaining Microsoft violated the law or social norms, under California laws.

He accused Microsoft of intentionally circumventing the Apple clipboard timeout, which removes the information after 120 seconds,  and of reading information from nearby computers using the Apple Universal Clipboard feature.

Microsoft has said the issue was simply a bug, and that no information from clipboards was being stored or transmitted onwards. The company has already released an updated version of the LinkedIn app for iOS without the code.

Bauer is not satisfied however and is seeking class-action status for the case, Bauer v. LinkedIn Corporation 20-cv-04599.

LinkedIn spokesman Greg Snapper said the company is reviewing the lawsuit.

via AppleInsider