Dark Mode has become the buzzword in the tech industry alongside notch design, exclusion of headphone jack, pop-up selfie camera — every company wants to have it on their platform and services. And Microsoft is one of few companies who pushed Dark Mode even before it achieved the current status quo.

As we move forward, the company to incorporate Dark Mode to more platforms and services. One of the apps which will likely to receive the Dark Mode is LinkedIn for Android. By digging deep into the code of an unreleased version of the app, famous reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong managed to collect pieces of evidence that suggest that Dark Mode for LinkedIn is in the works.

Dark Mode in LinkedIn is far from perfect as you’d expect from an unfinished product. The feature is currently under development and, therefore, you and I don’t have access to it. But once Microsoft gets it right, it’ll roll out the feature to every Android user.

Although there is no evidence, Microsoft is likely to bring Dark Mode in LinkedIn iOS app as well, because every tech company runs after “consistency across all platforms.” Microsoft is no different!