Microsoft’s Life London gaming studio to soon release 3 major titles with Windows Phone components


VG247 reports that Microsoft’s new gaming studio Lift London will soon release 3 exclusive titles for the Xbox, according to studio head Lee Schuneman.

During an interview with OXM, Schuneman said, “We’ve got a high bar for innovation. We have three cool titles in development that we’ll reveal very soon.”

He added that said titles are free to play, and will focus on the idea of “connected platforms,” so this could mean convergence across Windows phone, Xbox One and Xbox 360, or something quite different indeed. He added that the studio aims to, “build universes that will grow with the audience and follow them onto whatever device they own”.

With the capabilities of Windows Phone 8 handsets maturing hopefully these converged titles will have a significant mobile competent that will make the Xbox Hub a selling factor for Windows Phone in this new generation of gaming consoles.