Microsoft’s latest reshuffle leave out many longtimers in Windows unsettled


Recently, a couple of Microsoft executives including Stephen Elop left the company. Following the major leadership changes, a new report from Re/Code claims that more Microsoft veteran executives are leaving the Redmond-based company while some are getting new roles.

PJ Hough, who has been at Microsoft for 16 years as a Vice President in the company’s developer division is leaving the company. Alongside Hough, David Treadwell, who has been at the company for 26 years is leaving the Windows group to join the Cloud and Enterprise unit at Microsoft, and Ales Holacek is joining the Office team.

Interestingly enough, the report states that Microsoft announced that the company will replace William Kennedy, the corporate VP of Windows development with Ales Holacek, but the company later announced that Kennedy would be staying in his place while Ales Holacek will be heading to the Office team.

Re/code’s source also stated that the latest reshuffle is leaving “many longtimers in Windows unsettled,” It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft makes more changes in the near future, until then, discuss what you think about the latest reshuffle in the comments section below.

Source: Re/code