Microsoft’s latest patent shows how Mixed Reality can be used by people with disabilities

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities or other problems which restricts them from using controllers to play video games. While Microsoft has been advertising it a lot especially since it’s the holiday season, the company has been secretly working on a project to help people with disabilities experience Mixed Reality.

Microsoft has filed a patent which describes a new technology that will help users with disability use Windows Mixed Reality.

Movement and / or rotation of an input mechanism can be tracked and analyzed to determine boundaries for a user’s area. The range of motion and range of rotation of the user could be
limited by a personal restriction for the user.
Rotation in three-dimensional space can be additionally limited by an environmental constraint (eg a physical object in a room). Accordingly, the techniques described herein may take steps to consider the personal situation.
Constraint and / or environmental constraint, thereby optimizing user interactions with the virtual object input mechanism.

The patent doesn’t describe which type of disabilities or if it can be used by people who are disabled temporarily because of accidents or other injuries. However, it would be a great addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and will allow gamers to interact with virtual reality despite their disabilities.

Via: Windows United