Microsoft’s latest Groove Music for Android update extends your playlists automagically

Groove Music on Android is getting a sweet new update which brings an interesting feature to the app. The app now makes it much easier to expand your playlists with the latest update. It will now automagically suggest up to 10 songs that are similar to the songs in your playlist, letting you find a lot of songs so that you can expand your playlists. Obviously, this is an optional feature so it’s up to you if you want to expand your playlists using the suggestions given by Groove Music.

This feature is already available in Groove Music for Windows 10, where it’s known as “More like this.”

As for Groove Music on Android, the app has been improving quite a lot lately but it’s still a bit behind the Windows 10 app and that frankly is a bit surprising as most of Microsoft’s apps are better on Android/iOS than the Windows 10 counterparts.

If you’re an Android users with a Groove Music Pass subscription, you can get the app here. You can also get a Groove Music Pass here.