Microsoft’s latest flag improves Dark mode implementation on Chromium based Edge


2, 2019

A couple of days back we reported that Microsoft is working on improving tooltips on Chromium based browsers. Called the Aura tooltips, it improves upon Windows tooltips to provide better dark mode integration.

It looks like the commit (via Reddit) was accepted by the Chromium team as the latest version of Edge Canary comes with a flag to enable Aura tooltips. If you’re interested in trying it out then make sure you’re using Edge Canary v77.0.208.0 and head to edge://flags/#enable-aura-tooltips-on-windows. Once there, just enable the flag and relaunch the browser for the flag to take effect.

Microsoft hasn’t enabled the feature by default but we expect it to be enabled in the future. Google Chrome, on the other hand, has also added the flag to its Canary browser and add it to the public version in the next Chrome update.

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