Microsoft’s Kinect Plays Key Role In Critically Acclaimed Giant Movie


Microsoft’s presence was felt at Sundance Film Festival this year. A short filmed title Giant, which has received a lot of praise by experts and people alike, utilised Kinect for Windows v2 along with DepthKit to record depth data in conjunction with their image camera.

Giant is a story about a family trying to survive in an active war zone. The movie’s plot takes inspiration from its own director and co-creator, Milica Zec, who grew up in war-torn Serbia. To capture the experience – and what it felt to live in such a place – the movie utilised virtual reality among other technologies.

Here’s how the movie was presented at the event, “Giant was presented at Sundance Film Festival as an immersive, virtual reality installation. Wearing virtual reality headsets (the Oculus Rift CV1) and seated in specially-designed chairs, viewers experienced a five-minute narrative that mixed live-action video with a 3D video-game-engine environment. The chair contained a subwoofer synchronized to activate when explosions occur or the building shakes in the video, immersing the viewer in the action on screen.”

Microsoft says that its Kinect played a key role in the movie. The creators made use of Kinect for Windows v2 for recording data. This resulted in depth information that was aligned temporally and spatially with the image, using DepthKit. “Kinect was an immensely affordable and beneficial solution for us,” said Winslow Turner Porter III, Giant’s producer and co-creator. “We were able to leverage the low-cost device with sophisticated processing to enable a one-of-kind immersive experience.”

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