Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green Honored With 2015 Women Of Vision Award By ABIE


The Anita Borg Institute, a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing, announced the winners of the 2015 Women of Vision ABIE Awards, which highlights two women in the computing industry for their achievements in Technology Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Julie Larson-Green, Chief Experience Officer, Applications and Services Group, Microsoft was awarded for Technology Leadership.

ABIE Award for Leadership: Julie Larson-Green

Julie Larson-Green is a renowned leader in user interface design and a pioneer in product development and engineering. As Chief Experience Officer for the Applications and Services group, Julie is one of the highest-ranking women leaders in software and hardware engineering at Microsoft. Julie previously served as Vice President for program management, design, and planning in Windows, where she directed the transformation of the 6,000+ employee organization to focus on building the product for the end-to-end customer experience. Julie’s remarkable ability to unify leaders and teams to a single mission and create a shared vision of how technology can be built in a cohesive cross-system approach has led to significant product improvements. Her principles of open communication, transparency across teams, and willingness to explore ideas from anyone has created a paradigm shift in product team collaboration and innovation.

Julie’s talent and passion for building products has made a dramatic impact to Microsoft for more than 20 years. In recognition for her work, Julie received the Microsoft Technical Community Network Outstanding Technical Leadership award in 2008.

This year’s ABIE Award for Leadership is sponsored by Lam Research.

Source: ABIE