Microsoft’s Intelligent Workplace office in Thailand has no chairs


Yesterday we saw Microsoft’s new German headquarters in Munich which showed off a swathes of new design and technology, and also a new way of working focussed on collaboration.

It seems that change is sweeping throughout the whole of Microsoft worldwide, with Microsoft Thailand showing off their new offices, which they call an Intelligent Workplace.

The Intelligent Workspace  encourages employees to work flexibly and independently. Employees have no regular assigned seats and can work anywhere, with documents housed on SharePoint and phone calls being routed to their mobile phones or PCs.

Staff who want to hold a meeting can use the Collaboration Room, which has no chairs, which should presumably help keep meetings short and to the point.  Since staff have no assigned seats it can be difficult to locate staff, leading to the need for a Find Me app which helps staff locate each other.

See pictures of the spaces below:

The head of Microsoft Thailand Orapong Thianngern noted that “digital transformation is not the future – it is here right now”. Hopefully this new way of working will also mean greater success in all the markets Microsoft participate in.