Microsoft’s HockeyApp crash analytics service now has Android and iOS apps


21, 2016


Back in December 2014, Microsoft acquired HockeyApp, a class leading service for mobile crash analytics and app distribution for developers building apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It includes capabilities to publish apps to a select group of “beta testers”, to collect feedback from those testers and to gather and analyze crash reports.

In March 2016 the service became available to Visual Studio developers via the Visual Studio Marketplace and Azure subscription, allowing developers to also use HockeyApp for free up to 2 apps.

Microsoft has also been testing an iOS and Android client for the service for about 6 weeks now.

Microsoft notes that HockeyApp Reports is the best way to monitor the activity and performance of your apps on the go. The app delivers real-time user metrics and crash reporting on your phone and tablet. It will notify you of new crash groups and instantly triage them with detailed information about the stack trace, affected devices, and OS versions. Users can also track the key user metrics of their apps, such as currently active users, sessions, and crash free users over the last 24 hours.

The listing currently says the app is unreleased but there does not appear to be any issue installing the app from the store.

Find it in the Play Store here. The app is also in testing on iOS, with users being able to sign up via TestFlight.

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