Microsoft’s co-founder reveals thoughts on Windows 8


Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen -who left Microsoft in 1983 due to illness- has revealed his thoughts on Windows 8 on his website:

‘The new tablet features in Windows 8 are particularly bold and innovative. A few minor issues aside, I’m impressed with its clever integration of a bimodal interface to simultaneously support both desktop and tablet use in the same operating system. I found the gesture navigation on the tablet to be quite satisfying and responsive. And in general, I find Windows 8 to be snappier and more responsive than Windows 7’.

Because the new operating system is designed to work on traditional desktop PC’s as well as laptops, he felt however some users may experience confusion when switching between the new tile-based, touch-friendly user interface and the classic ‘desktop’ mode. 

‘I did encounter some puzzling aspects of Windows 8. The bimodal user experience can introduce confusion, especially when two versions of the same application – such as Internet Explorer – can be opened and run simultaneously. Files can also be opened in either of the two available modes. For example, after opening a PDF attachment in Outlook from the desktop, Windows opens the file in Microsoft Reader, an application more suited for use on a tablet, rather than the desktop Acrobat Reader. A manual switch is then required to return to desktop mode’

Paul did however found that simply changing the file associations could restore windows 8 to working pretty much like windows 7, which is good news for all those fearing the upgrade and disruption of their accustomed work flow.  See Paul’s blog post here.


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