Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner Speaks About Changes Inside Microsoft After Leadership Change

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During the Q&A session at Credit Suisse coference, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner was asked about the changes inside Microsoft after the leadership change. Kevin Turner was COO under Steve Ballmer’s leadership and he continues his role under Satya Nadell’s tenure too. For the question, he gave a detailed response which you can read below.

PHIL WINSLOW:  Fantastic.  Well, I’ll start off with some questions before I open it up to everyone in the audience.  But what you described is really just a very interesting we’ll call it a year-and-a-half at Microsoft.  You have a new CFO.  Obviously you have a new CEO, Satya Nadella.

Maybe you can talk about kind of what you just ended on here to the degree the momentum that you’re talking about in the business.  What have these leadership changes and then you are obviously still the COO, what has changed from a leadership perspective?  How is that trickling down into the workforce?

KEVIN TURNER:  You know, I think we have embraced a lot of change.  And I think certainly at the top it’s wonderful to see a reinvigorated energy around really getting focused around productivity and platform.  And Satya has really crystallized and galvanized that view for the entire organization.  And I think that’s a really exciting place for us.  We see that across dual-users as truly our unique position in the marketplace to be able to deliver that.

The engineering organizational changes I talked about that have also landed with our senior leadership team have changed our company.  We’re faster.  We’re more agile.  We’re listening to customers better than we ever have.  And I think that’s wonderful to see.

The third area I would touch on are these strategic partnerships that we’ve done across IBM, Salesforce, Dropbox, Oracle, Cisco, it’s wonderful to see us extending the platform with these, what would generally be very competitive environments, and being able to find the right balance between cooperation and competition, and that’s why I used the word “coopetition,” because we really see that as the future of the computing platform.  And I think that’s really customer friendly from that approach.  It allows customers to really vote by what they buy, and to have that freedom of choice, and innovation wins in that space.

The last thing I would say is, I think there’s been a really healthy renewed sense of financial rigor and discipline, particularly around areas that we may have invested in in the past that didn’t make money.  I would tell you there’s a real sense of get healthy plans, getting those things to profitability or taking other actions that is very refreshing for us as an organization.  And I think culturally I would tell you that there’s a real excitement, there’s a real buzz.  There’s a real energy.  And, look, nothing breeds acceptance like success.  So we’ve got to continue to perform and take care of our customers and take care of partners in the marketplace.  And I think that momentum will only continue to accelerate.

Source: Microsoft

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