Microsoft’s bone-conducting headset get a feature rich update


A little over a year ago Microsoft introduced a headset that was designed to aid the visually impaired. The headset used bone conduction to send audio clicks and other cues to the user to help guide them around on their journey, but with a new update Microsoft has made this devices a lot more useful.

Using a new feature called “3D soundscape technology”, the headset is able to describe your surroundings to you, from eateries and stores to alerts of when public transportation is arriving.

The headset also includes a microphone allowing users to ask the headset for more information about specific details or just to have it repeat information that the user may have missed.

They describe the headset as having many uses, and more than just for the visually impaired. Anyone can use the headset to learn more about their surroundings; this can be particularly useful in a foreign country in which you are not used to.

What do our readers think? Would it be awesome to have Cortana paired with this technology? Let us know in the comments section. And if you’re interested, check out the video below on the new headset.

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