Microsoft’s Bing Predicts Sets Its Sights On The New Spring Season Of Reality Voting Shows

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Just last year, Microsoft’s Bing team came up with predictions concept. Now, it has become quite famous as many people are using Bing Predictions to make their bets. In fact, last week Bing correctly got 6-for-6 record on the major categories (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc.) and got 16 out of 19 wins correct in the Academy awards. Now Bing Predicts sets its sights on the new spring season of reality voting shows, including American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The Voice.

During last spring’s reality shows, we had an accuracy >85% on selecting who would be eliminated each week in the three big reality shows. That’s no small feat given that a random selection in the early weeks of these shows would yield a 1-in-10 chance of picking the winner once we’re down to 10 finalists.

Remarkably, we were able to identify the eventual winner of American Idol, Caleb Johnson, by late March with high confidence (we maintained his prediction at the top from that point through the finale) even though as late as the afternoon of the Idol finale on May 21st, Mr. Johnson was still the underdog in prediction markets to win with only two competitors left.

Stay tuned as we kick off our American Idol predictions in early March, Dancing with the Stars in mid-March, and The Voice in April. Our predictions are just one reason to check out Bing for this spring’s reality shows, we hope you stick around.

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