Microsoft’s provides daily analysis from Bing Predicts on college basketball season

Are We In Microsoft Bing (Small)

Microsoft Bing team today announced a new website which provides daily analysis from Bing Predicts on whether or not your college basketball team makes the tournament. Bing will also predict where your team will finish in the conference standings and if your team is in the tournament, what seed they will be in the Big Dance.

How they predict?

The Bing Predicts team takes a look at historical statistics to see which factors contribute to strong teams who make the tournament either automatically or as an at-large bid. The Bing team then built their own power index model, updated daily, which takes in factors ranging from each team’s strength of schedule, opponents’ win/lose record, and even detailed statistical analysis regarding their on-court tendencies such as ball control, rebounding and field-goal percentage. Then, Bing Predicts adds web activity and social sentiment to tune the strengths, capturing real-time information like injuries and line-up changes.

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