Microsoft’s Advice For Developers: The Best Way To Prepare For Windows 10 Is To Keep Building Universal Windows Apps

Windows 10 Windowed apps

Microsoft today revealed the upcoming Windows 10 release and demonstrated new features designed to make people and businesses more productive. Microsoft is also releasing a technical preview tomorrow to gain feedback from users. In the press event, Microsoft revealed that they will talk more about universal apps in Windows 10 at the build developer conference next year. At their Windows developer blog, Microsoft gave an advice to Windows developers.

The best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to keep building universal Windows apps.

What will Windows 10 offer for developers?

We continue to make progress in platform commonality, Store unification, and discoverability. Giving you the ability to easily publish to one Store across all device types and providing you a variety of new places in which to showcase your app functionality will increase your ability to reach new users and engage your existing users, in ways you couldn’t before.

Windows 10 will:

  • Build on our commitment to provide a common Windows platform and give you one consistent API layer with consistent UX design surfaces and flexible tools.
  • Enable Windows Store apps to run in a windowed environment on the desktop so that they perform better on a wider range of hardware.
  • Deliver one Store for all devices, making it easier for you to reach customers in consistent and compelling ways no matter what type of device they’re using. We’re also planning to make the Store more useful for corporations with volume app purchasing, more flexible distribution mechanisms, and the ability to create a custom or curated Store experience (note that the Windows 10 Preview contains the existing Windows 8.1 Store).

Read more about it here.

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