Matt Bencke on Microsoft/Nokia deal and Mango

ZDNet UK have an interview up with Matt Bencke, head of WP7 marketplace development, in which he discusses the development of the forthcoming Mango update in the context of Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia.

Bencke, seen in the video above discussing the signing of the Microsoft/Nokia deal, offers some interesting thoughts into both the reasons for the deal and Microsoft’s future development plans.

We’re just trying to make it effortless in a way that developers can be a part of that, because the developers are always going be more creative and innovative than we can be. Things like breaking developers out of static app tiles with real live tiles and deep linking and extras, better Bing indexing of Marketplace — all those things are just tools for developers to take assets we’re working on together already with Nokia and make them shine.

We are trying to balance, ‘we build the hardware, it’s our way or the highway’, and the fragmented, ‘anything goes’ thing. We’re trying to balance giving device makers some flexibility so they can charge higher or lower prices and yet not eliminate addressable market for developers.

It’s worth a manufacturer thinking it wants to produce a low-end Windows Phone if we’re thinking that’s maybe not such a bad idea, given a market that’s growing 57 percent this year.

You can read the full interview at ZDNet here. Thanks to Tiago for the tip.