Microsoft working with Trimble & University of Cambridge to build the future of construction



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Last year, Microsoft announced the release of Trimble’s SketchUp Viewer in Windows Store, the first broadly available commercial Microsoft HoloLens application. Trimble is using HoloLens to bring mixed reality to the construction industry, enabling Architecture, Engineering Construction and Operations (AECO) professionals.

Microsoft today announced that they are working closely with Trimble and the Construction Information Technology Lab at the University of Cambridge to explore ways of advancing the use of technology in the AECO industry, empowering companies to be more innovative and efficient. They have started the below two technology trials based on their work.

  1. Automated Progress Monitoring: One of the most laborious, time consuming and error prone procedures in the construction industry is to regularly, and manually, inspect remote structures. The current industry process includes visual inspections, form filling and report writing, and more. The new trial changes the process by presenting all physical and digital information through HoloLens, allowing inspectors to check, cross-reference and report on inspections very quickly, and collaborate with site representatives.
  2. Automated Bridge Damage Detection: Instead of sending structural engineers to each bridge as part of its inspection routine, high-resolution images can be taken by local teams and sent to inspection engineers. These are then automatically mapped onto 3D models of the respective bridge. Structural engineers can then review the integrity of a bridge in mixed reality using HoloLens, making recommendations for repairs or other preventative measures.

Read more about it here.

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