Microsoft working on making Windows Phone 8 feature competitive with Android and iPhone

Today’s round up of Microsoft job postings shows Microsoft is not slacking in their ambition with Windows Phone development at all, especially for the next major version.

In their 17/11/11 advertisement for a Software Development Engineer In Test Microsoft speaks of testing “enabling code provided in the BSP” to support “new capabilities to make the next version of the Windows Phone platform a compelling direct competitor with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone.”

This could be related to the many advanced features found in modern mobile chipsets  which are not generally exploited by Windows Phone 7 yet, including of course dual processor and high screen resolution support.

Part of this feature set may be better Bluetooth support in the OS, with Microsoft also advertising on the 17/11/11 for a Program Manager to help the team with “new chipsets, new capabilities, and new use cases are all being worked on feverishly to deliver enjoyable and delightful customer experiences in the next release of Windows Phone.”  Maybe that Bluetooth 4.0 support is coming after all.

Lastly Microsoft is also advertising for a Software Development Engineer in Test to “help ensure our devices are manageable at the personal, enterprise and operator levels, enabling powerful security features, across applications and device setting”, hopefully providing those much desired and missing enterprise features needed to make Windows Phone big in business.

It is pretty clear Microsoft has finished laying the foundation of Windows Phone with 7.0 and 7.5, and Version 8 make sure there are no missing features left over to hold the OS back.