Microsoft working on a Windows Phone 7 twitter support?

A twitter client for Windows Phone 7?

So far conspicuously absent on the very socially connected Windows Phone 7 is built-in twitter support.

That may be changing, with noticing this tweet by Michael Klutcher, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 developer, seemingly posted to twitpic directly from a Windows Phone 7 device, likely the Samsung Taylor according to the picture’s EXIF data.

The picture indicated that it was uploaded from a “To be named later” application, which is likely Microsoft being coy with their client. Of course it could also be a third-party application, but we suspect that software would probably have a name by now.

While integration with popular photo sharing services such as twitpic is nice, I think Microsoft missed a trick by not creating their own short url and  twitter photo sharing service, as, unlike twitter, these services have not reached critical mass yet and could easily be replaced by a more comprehensive and integrated home-grown service.

Thanks Mobilepaddy for the tip.