Microsoft Working On A New Windows Phone App That Combines Contacts And Calendar Experience


10, 2014

Author Pradeep // in News

Google recently released an updated Calendar app for Android devices. It is pretty and offers new experiences around calendar and events. When creating a calendar event, we often have to piece together phone numbers, addresses and attendees from lots of different sources, then add them to our calendars manually. With Assists, Google Calendar can suggest titles, people and places as you type, as well as adapt to your preferences over time. I was wondering whether Microsoft will have any similar plans for Calendar app on Windows Phone devices. In a press event held last week in the US, Microsoft has revealed that they are working on a new app called ‘Revolve’ which combines calendar and contacts into a single experience.

Revolve, an upcoming app for Windows phones which melds aspects of a calendar and contact manager, and presents you with information about people you’re going to meet with that it’s collected from multiple sources.

I can’t wait to see Revolve in experience. Are you satisfied with the current calendar app in Windows Phone 8.1?

via: FastCompany

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