Microsoft working on Groove Music improvements on iOS and Android


15, 2016

Groove Music Update

We argued today in a rather poorly received editorial that Groove is now too good to be confined to the small Windows Phone mobile platform, and that Microsoft should bring the improvements to the much larger iOS and Android platform.

While our readers did not like the message it seems some-one at Microsoft did hear.

Ellen Kilbourne, community manager for the Groove app and service, confirmed on twitter that Microsoft is working on updates for the Microsoft Groove app on iOS and Android.

The Android app has last been updated 10 months ago in September 2015, and lacks many of the new features Microsoft recently introduced to the Windows Phone client and features a pretty old and some say ugly user interface.

Microsoft’s cross-platform efforts has made the company much more relevant to a community which has increasingly moved on to iOS and Android, and while some of our readers may be unhappy about this, for others who are out of necessity currently sporting iOS or Android phones but who are still interested in Microsoft’s efforts this is very good news indeed.

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