Microsoft wins design patents for the HoloLens


Back in January of this year, Microsoft revealed the HoloLens — the software giant’s augmented reality headset, which will be available to developers next year for $3000.  Microsoft has recently won the patents on HoloLens design.

The company has won patents for a couple of components of the AR headset — including the arms for the headset, visor, and the display screen. The USPTO has listed 9 Microsoft employees as the inventors of these patents, who are listed below:

  • Paul Bosveld
  • Nicolas Denhez
  • YeongKyu Yoo
  • Phil Frank
  • Young Duk Song
  • Henric Jentz
  • Aditha Adams
  • Travis Hosler
  • Andrew Hodge

For those wondering, the HoloLens does not seem to ready for consumers just yet — however, the company is working on some pretty cool things for the AR headset. If you want to find out more about the patents, head over to the USPTO using the source links below:

Source: USPTO 1, 2, 3

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