Microsoft Windows Team Discusses The History Of Cortana And It Comes To Life In Windows 10 (Video)

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Microsoft today posted a video in which Marcus Ash from the Windows team discusses the history of Cortana and how Cortana comes to life in Windows 10. Microsoft last month confirmed that Cortana is coming to PCs and tablets.

Cortana gets to know you and helps you get things done, all while letting you interact naturally and easily. By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes increasingly useful every day. She will learn your preferences, provide quick access to information, and make recommendations personalized for you. You’re always in control of what Cortana knows and manages on your behalf.

What’s really exciting about Cortana for Windows 10? Cortana will be there when you need assistance on Windows, remembering the context of what you’re asking for, and adapting behavior to you right where you are. Your experience is fluid, and roams with you across your devices. Cortana knows that when you’re on your phone, your interaction is generally going to be brief; when you’re on your PC, your goals are going to be in line with steady periods of productivity. We’ve developed new visions and new scenarios meant to make life easier, and more fun, regardless of the device you’re using.

Imagine how convenient it is to tell Cortana on your phone to deliver a reminder that pops up, at just the right time, on your desktop. With Cortana’s reminders, you never have to miss anything important because you stepped away from a particular device. With Windows 10, Cortana’s natural language ability helps avoid misunderstandings and lets you interact easily by talking or typing. Because Cortana is powered by Bing, you can easily search and find content on your devices, your OneDrive, and the web.

Read about it in detail here.

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