Microsoft Windows Executive Talks About Getting Rid Of Passwords, Future Of Authentication And More

FIDO Alliance Microsoft

Last year we reported that Microsoft is joining fido alliance to enable stronger and simpler authentication system for consumers. Dustin Ingalls, group program manager for Windows security and identity team spoke with Computerweekly on the problem of ineffective authentication that relies on usernames and passwords. Microsoft has joined other industry leaders to define standards for the next gen authentication system.

“From a business objective standpoint, all the players are well aligned and agree that passwords have been problematic for a number of years and are well past their time,”

The only way to solve this problem is to get all the major players at the same table and the Fido alliance has the potential of making that happen,”

He highlighted the fact that usability is critical from the start according to the Fido Alliance principles, and Microsoft is looking to work with the alliance to achieve this objective along with all the other players.

“Essentially, we have to find a way of putting the power of public-key infrastructure (PKI) asymetric keys in the hands of the everyday users of online services without needing separate cards or tokens,”

Microsoft recently added biometric authentication to Windows 8.1 which enables developers to make use of them with just a line of code. Windows does all the heavy lifting allowing a smooth login experience between 3rd party apps and the user.

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