Microsoft Will Soon Take “Right To Be Forgotten” Requests From Bing Users In The Europe


10, 2014

European Union court ruled last month that search engines like Google should be able to remove personal links of users on request. Google has already started implementing this Right To Be Forgotten request form last month, and as per Search Engine Land, it has been taking in about 10,000 requests per day. This law applies for Bing too. Microsoft Bing last month revealed that they are working on a special process for residents of the European Union to request blocks of specific privacy-related search results on Bing in response to searches on their names. In a statement to NYT on Wednesday, Microsoft said, “Developing an appropriate system is taking us some time, We expect to launch a form through which users can make requests soon.”

While Google had over 70,000 requests so far, Microsoft has received a small fraction of that number.

Source: NYT

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