Microsoft Will Release Previews Of The Windows 10 SDK More Often To Windows Insiders


Microsoft is working to deliver the Windows 10 developer tools for Visual Studio 2015 with the release of Windows 10 which will allow developers to build Universal Windows Platform apps and submit them to the Windows Store. Microsoft yesterday announced that they will  release previews of the Windows 10 SDK more often to our Windows Insiders starting this month. Their goal is to release a Windows 10 SDK preview that corresponds to OS flights delivered through the Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast Ring. Microsoft is also planning to release a matching version of the Windows 10 Mobile emulator.

When running the latest SDK and emulator in your local development environment, your apps will be able to access the latest Windows capabilities and APIs available in the preview build. Each preview SDK release installs side by side of the official Windows 10 tooling for Visual Studio 2015. This allows you to install each preview release of the SDK and emulator with previously-installed SDKs and emulators on the Windows 10 SDK; allowing you to manage which OS version (released or preview) you want to develop and test your app against. If you want to try out the newest features and have the latest bug fixes delivered in a Windows Insider Preview release, this is for you – each release is a snapshot of work in progress, so expect functionality or APIs to be impacted and that final functionality may vary. As new releases happen, this blog will report which build each version works with, a change log of new APIs, major bugs fixed, and issues you can expect to encounter.

Read more about it here.

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