Microsoft wants you to enjoy life, patents Events Notifier for Windows Mobile


In a December 2009 patent application, Microsoft describes a way to help us all get a little bit more enjoyment from life (and likely sell a bit of advertising in the process).

The patent is for an event notifier that aggregates information about us based on our PIM data, music, location, bookmarks to create a preference database.  This information is then uploaded to a central server where the Recommendation Generator sifts through its own database to generate a list of suitable events, which is then fed back to the phone, where a notification pops up if appropriate.



The patent application gives the example of looking at your music collection and play frequency and then notifying you when your favourite musician is playing in your city.


Now to me this sounds pretty cool, but of course we can see the privacy implications of this technology pretty clearly.  Even so, I hope a feature like this makes it way directly into out upcoming Mobile OS, to make our devices that little more like Personal Assistants, rather than just phones.

Do you think this feature would be helpful to you?  Let us know below.

See the patent here.