Microsoft wants to “unlock the true potential of Windows Phone” by “breaking free of the small screen”

Its a quiet Saturday, which means we are trawling through Microsoft’s job boards again.

We came across an interesting job suggesting once again that Microsoft will be taking the Windows Phone UI to larger form factors, including presumably tablets.

The job post says:

Senior Software Engineer

Are you passionate about User Experiences and delivering end-to-end scenarios? Do you want to unlock the true potential of Windows Phone, breaking free of the small screen? We may have a career for you!


Our team is looking to revolutionize the way we interact with our devices using Windows. Our goal is to expand the power of Windows through connected devices – including your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, TV, or car.

We are redefining the way we efficiently build multi-platform user experiences on top of our core operating system.   We are innovating multi-device experiences and improving our frameworks, tools, and engineering efficiency. There are big challenges and big opportunities for you to do high-impact things.   This is a great place to grow your technical leadership, and have lots of fun doing it.


We’re looking for extremely talented, highly productive engineers that are passionate about delighting our customers as they connect and use their devices. This position is ideal for individuals who love technology, multi-device scenarios, and have a passion for delivering next generation user experiences.

The posting is consistent with rumours that Windows 10 on tablets will feature the Windows Phone user interface (above), complete with soft home, back and search navigation keys.

Many have long suggested that the Windows Phone user interface is more suited to small tablets than the Windows 8 one.  With increasing focus on universal apps and the eventual arrival of Office Touch for Windows it looks like Windows Phone will have the last laugh in the end.

See the job post here.