Microsoft wants to be a voice for people, releases a 3,000-word privacy manifesto


Privacy is a big concern for consumers right now. Yesterday, Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith wrote a blog post where he covered some of the recent events related to information security. In the blog post, Brad Smith beautifully highlighted how the software giant values its customers’ privacy. Brad stated that the company wants to be a voice for people:

Microsoft needs to go beyond standing up for the rights of businesses and governments; we need to be a voice for people. Over the past 40 years there is arguably no company that has been more committed than Microsoft in making sure people can use technology to express their views, share them with the world, and communicate with each other. We need to stay focused on that cause, too.

Brad also shared the company’s four commitments:

Our four commitments: We will keep your data secure. We will keep your data private and under your control. We will manage data according to local laws. We will be transparent.

Microsoft also wants you to contact your country’s goverment to “express their support for technology surveillance reform.” He states that this isn’t important just to Microsoft, but “to everyone who uses the Internet.” The company wants to keep its customers’ data safe, and secure, while allowing technology to empower them.

If you want to read Brad Smith’s full story, head over to Microsoft News.