Microsoft VP Thinks Software And Services Are Key To Success In Wearables

Microsoft Health

In an interview to IBTimes UK at MWC, Jo Harlow from Microsoft spoke about wearables in general. She said that there are still several major challenges ahead, with sticky software the most critical. She admitted that wearables are here to stay and will grow exponentially in the coming years. She said that more than the hardware itself, the services behind it will be more important. She thinks that services offered behind the wearable will be a real differentiator.

Now aesthetics have been addressed, making wearables “sticky” is what Harlow believes is most important, and this will be done with creative software which differentiates them from what smartphones currently offer.

Even more important than battery life – criticised for being little more than one day for most smartwatches – Harlow said “the most critical part, for it to be a scale business, is for a service that makes it sticky, not something you wear for three months then put in the drawer.”

She cited Microsoft Health as an example on how services can power a device like Microsoft Band. In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO said Microsoft Band is their take on wearables. I hope Microsoft is also working on a smartwatch.
Source: IBTimes