Microsoft Visual Studio Announces Bing Code Search For C# Extension For Visual Studio

Bing Code Search Visual Studio

Last week we reported about new Microsoft Research project called Bing Code Search: C# code snippets on-demand for visual studio developers. Bing Code Search for Visual Studio 2013 helps developers find and reuse code samples on the web more easily by bringing the code search experience directly into Visual Studio. With this extension, a developer can search sites such as MSDN, StackOverflow, CSharp411 and Dotnetperls and find, copy and use C# code samples directly inside the IDE.

Visual Studio team today officially announced the availability of the plugin for Visual Studio IDE,

Behind the scenes, that query is securely beamed up to Bing along with contextual pieces that help us hone in on the fuller meaning of that query. We use meta-data like the project type, semantic context (using the new C#/VB compiler services aka ‘Roslyn’!), and a few other sprinkles of Microsoft Research magic.

Those pieces along with the query then leverage Bing’s enormous search index and keyword analysis to track down potential pages that might contain high quality examples you can learn from.

From those pages, we isolate and rank the relevant code samples, using a large number of syntactic and semantic code metrics.

You can grab the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery page.

You can try it yourself online at