Microsoft Ventures invests in Illusive Networks, a cybersecurity firm that protects with deception

Illusive networks, a leader in Deceptions Everywhere cybersecurity, recently announced a strategic investment by Microsoft Ventures. They will be using this fund to advance their global expansion, invest in sales and marketing, and expand the engineering and support teams for the company’s patent-pending cybersecurity deception technology.

“Microsoft Ventures’ investment opens a new world of opportunities for illusive networks to explore future deceptions in the world of endpoints and cloud and expand the reach of our deception technologies to users around the world,” said Ofer Israeli, CEO, illusive networks.

“illusive networks has the expertise to continue to evolve next-generation deception cybersecurity technology and protect enterprises against increasingly sophisticated advanced attacks,” said Mony Hassid, general manager and managing director, Microsoft Ventures. “We’re pleased to support illusive networks as they work to make their deception technology the market standard.”

Their Deceptions Everywhere solution is delivered via agentless technology, it blankets a company’s entire network — every endpoint, server and network component — with information that deceives would-be attackers. When attackers act upon the false information, illusive networks neutralizes the attack and triggers a detailed breach report enabling security administrators to detect, track and contain the attack in its early stages.

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