Microsoft updates Xbox Fitness with new features


Xbox Fitness today picked up a pretty sweet update. With the latest update, users no longer need to have a Kinect. Yep, you can now experience the “world’s best workouts” on Xbox Fitness without a Kinect. However, as Microsoft notes, yo be able to use advanced features such as Muscle Mapping, Pulse, and feedback on your form, you will need to have a Kinect.

Alongside the ability to experience the workout without a Kinect, Microsoft has also added the ability to download your purchased workouts, here’s how to:

To download your favorite owned workouts, head to the program’s details page, click the “Content Options” button, and click “Download” to download all the workouts in the program. The icon with a cloud and play button indicates the workout is currently available via streaming. Once you’ve downloaded content to your console, the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the downloaded video’s tile will change to a console icon and a play button. The description in the Content Options screen will also indicate whether or not the content has been downloaded.

You can find more info about Xbox Fitness here.