Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio With New Layout Options For Tablet/PC Apps


Since launching Windows App Studio more than a year ago, more than two million users have created just under 1 million app projects, and published almost 50,000 apps to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Microsoft today released a new Windows App Studio beta with several new, highly requested features. Read them in detail below.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Sideloading – When generating a Windows App Studio app, choose universal 8.1, turn on the slider for installable package, scan the certificate and the app, and check it out on your Windows Phone device. You can quickly test the new app you’ve created and share it with other App Studio members.
  • 9 new languages added – Windows App Studio’s home page, How-To documentation, and app generation are now available in 9 additional languages including Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. If you choose one of these 10 fully-supported languages for publication, the .appx package will include a localized resource file that will be used in the App Bar text, as well as the About Page. For additional language support, visit our How-To page to learn how to add your own resource files.
  • New Page Layouts –New app layouts are built specifically for PCs and tablets and allow you to assign multiple columns of data instead of the single pane that is usually used for Phone apps. The universal Windows apps you create in App Studio will be better optimized for phone, tablet, and PC. We’ve also added a new Detail Layout optimized for text that uses a solid background and allows end users to change the font size to improve reading in apps. This layout will open a page in a modal-like window with better margins. The Image Detail Layout will show your image at full-screen and will adapt to the landscape-portrait mode of your device. Also, the text associated with the image is now opaque to further enhance the look of your pictures.

Microsoft has also made improvements behind the scenes to make better optimization of the code generated in App Studio.

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