Microsoft updates Sway for Office 365 users with several new features

Sway Windows 10

Microsoft today updated announced an update to the Sway service for Office 365 users.

The update brings the ability to password protect your presentations, increases the limits for embedded content, and lets you remove the Sway branding for a more professional look.

Read more about the new features below:

Add passwords to Sway

Previously, Office 365 work and education customers have been able to limit sharing of Sways at the organizational level, so that only people in your company or school can view your creations. Starting today, all Office 365 subscribers can add an extra layer of privacy by setting passwords for your Sways. This ensures that only people with the password can view your work presentations, school reports or travel journals.


Enjoy enhanced content limits

Microsoft’s data showed that Office 365 subscribers create longer and more robust Sways with higher amounts of videos, tweets and other embedded content. They have now agreed to increase the content limits for Office 365 subscribers so you can create longer-form works with more multimedia to convey a richer story in the boardroom, the classroom or your home.

Remove the informational footer in Sway

All Office 365 subscribers can now remove the informational footer at the end of your Sway to help you achieve a more polished look. You can now tap the Share icon and uncheck the Show Sway branding in this Sway checkbox to create a more professional look for your creations.


These three new features are available in Sway on the web, and they will roll out to the Sway app for Windows 10 in the coming months.