Microsoft Updates Skype For Xbox One To v1.8 With The Ability To Answer Call In Snap Mode And More

Microsoft today released an update for Skype for Xbox One which includes the ability to view photos from mobile devices, improved Snap functionality and more. It allows you to view photos sent from mobile phones on Skype for Xbox One. Skype users from Windows Phone, Android and iOS mobile devices can now share pictures with Skype for Xbox One users either in a 1:1 or group chat. If there are multiple photos being shared, you can start a slide show to view all the photos, right on your large screen.

In addition to photo sharing, the following improvements are added to Skype in Snap mode, such as:

  • You can now answer a call in Snap mode while using other apps using voice controls. This means, if you’re watching TV or playing a game and you get a Skype call, when you say “Xbox answer,” the call will automatically Snap, and won’t interrupt your TV or gaming experience. Or, if you prefer, you can also change your Skype settings to answer a call in full screen.
  • Now, you can view your recent and favorite contacts and make calls directly from Skype in Snap mode instead of having to go into the full screen Skype experience.
  • You’ll also see previews of messages you may have received while Skype is Snapped, and easily go to full screen to respond.

Source: Microsoft