Microsoft Updates Skype For Mac To v6.14 With New Features

Skype for Mac

Microsoft today released Skype for Mac 6.14 update. Microsoft has made some changes to improve compatibility with OS X Mavericks and has included some new features too improve the overall experience. Read the new features below.

Do Disturb

Did you know that you can turn off all notifications, such as new message sounds, by setting your status to Do Not Disturb? This feature has been in Skype for years, but sometimes it can be easy to forget that you’re in this mode and have muted the notifications. That’s why we’ve added a warning to the Notifications preference pane to remind you why you aren’t getting notifications in this state.

Too busy to chat?

If you are busy and have to decline an incoming call, the caller normally gets a busy signal. But if you have Voice messages set up, you now have the option to let declined callers leave you a voice message instead. Adjust the setting in the Calls preference pane (Skype > Preferences… > Calls) by clicking on “Set up Voice Messaging…

One size fits all

You’ve always been able to adjust the size of text in an instant message conversation, but text you typed into the conversation box would remain the same. We’ve amended this so that now the two text sizes will be updated at the same time. Just choose “Make Text Bigger” from the View menu.

Along with above new features, Skype team also has fixed a number of reported bugs. Download Skype for Mac 6.14 today.

Source: Skype blog