Microsoft updates Settings icons in Windows 10 Mobile build 14342

As we head towards the official release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update in July Microsoft has continued to apply some spit and polish to the operating system.

The latest change, noted by Corecast on twitter, has been an update to the icons in the Settings menu of the OS, replacing many entries which only had generic icons with custom ones, and updating some old ones with somewhat more meaningful new versions.

Examples include the Kids Corner icon which now shows a playful robot or the Start icon which now shows a mini start screen rather than a generic Picture icon. Another example is the Battery settings icon now being somewhat less complicated.

Microsoft has also moved the Device encryption entry from System to Update & security.

See screen  shots of the changes below. The white background is from Build 14332 and dark ones from Build 14342.

What do our readers think of this new imagery? Let us know below.

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