Microsoft Updates With Improved Sweep And Search Features blog

Microsoft today revealed no.of small but useful improvements they made to on their blog. These improvements includes the updated UI for sweep to delete feature, Apply to all from.. in categories, Move all email from… in the Move feature, Search with improved Advanced search UI and archive specific emails you want and more.

Read the full list of improvements below,

1. Sweep to delete

A good first step is to get rid of email you don’t want. Use Sweep to delete (or, if you want, block) email in bulk. You can also create a rule to automatically sweep out email going forward.

Many of you have told us Sweep is one of your favorite features (it’s used around 7.5 million times every week). To make it simpler, we have updated the UI to require less clicks to use.

2. Organize by categories

The email that remains is probably mail you want to keep, but much of it is might be just for future reference. You can set up categories based on topics that commonly appear in your inbox, and then archive all that email. We provide a set of default categories based on the most common types of email, such as newsletters and social updates, but you can also easily create your own categories based on your inbox activity. Just select an email and use the Categories option in the top navigation.

Once you’ve created a category, you can automatically categorize all email from a particular sender in four clicks: click Categories, click the category name, click Apply to all from… and then click Categorize all.

3. Find with Search and then archive

With your email organized the way you want it, you can use the updated Search tool to quickly find email regardless of the category or folder it’s in. One of the most commonly-searched criteria is for people, so we now show your contact names and pictures together when you’re looking for them. Searching for a contact will find all email from any email address they have, so you don’t have to remember whether that email came from their personal address or their work address.

We also provide suggested search criteria for the type of email you may be looking for (e.g. and has an attachment). Advanced search now contains more search criteria and has a cleaner UI, and filters that can be applied to the search results.

Once you’ve categorized your messages, you can archive them and get them out of your Inbox in a few clicks. First, click in the search box, type the first few letters of the category name, then click the name. Select all email with that category by clicking the checkbox next to the word Filter (formerly View), then click Select everything. Finally, click Archive in the top navigation.

4. Set up automatic filing

Most people file email they want to keep or read later. You can create folders and with Move to, easily set automatic rules that will send future email directly to a folder. Move to gives you the option to Move all email from… which will save you the trouble of clicking each email from a sender individually.

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Source: Outlook blog