Microsoft Updates Office Web Apps With A New UI And Some New Features

Word Office Web App

Microsoft has quietly updated their Office Web Apps suite with a new flatter UI that is more optimized for touch screens. The new look has UI controls spaced apart than before and also offers completely flat buttons. Microsoft has also given a new header with a prominent share button on the right end. There is also a new search box in the ribbon that allows you to search “Tell me what you want to do” kind of queries. You can type bold, find & replace and more to get suggestions and select appropriate choices. There is also a new feature to add footnotes & endnotes.

Tell Me

We all have that Word moment when we know what we want to do, but don’t quite remember how to do it. ‘How do I apply double spacing?’ ‘How do I make this page horizontal?’ Do these questions seem familiar? Nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve all been there and wished for an easier way to accomplish something in our document. Presenting the easier, faster and more convenient way of doing things in Word – Tell Me. Tell Me understands what you’re trying to accomplish and helps you do it faster. So if I’m trying to make my document horizontal, Tell Me knows it’s the orientation feature I’m looking for. It brings everything I need to my fingertips.

Sleeker look, simpler experience

As we enable richer experiences with our Web Apps, we’re constantly thinking of re-inventing ourselves to help users discover and do more easily. With our new look, editing documents, collaborating with your colleagues and sharing your files is a seamless experience. Whether it’s renaming a file or looking up your co-authors, the Web Apps make it simple and easy.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Notes are a great way to provide more information about something without disturbing the flow of your document. Whether it’s serious business like quoting an additional reference or something as silly as a joke in your story, footnotes and endnotes make it really easy to provide the curious reader that extra bit of delightful information.

What’s great is that we’ve reimagined our experience for the browser to help you add, browse and format footnotes and endnotes more intuitively using the new canvas. Creating MLA-style papers just got easier!

That’s not all

We’re also bringing you enhanced rendering support for Shapes, Textboxes and WordArt.

As you can see below, OneNote Web App has got a two column navigation pane similar to OneNote Windows Store app that allows you to switch between OneNote notebooks.

OneNote Office Web App

Microsoft also announced that they’ll continue to bring the Office features that you value most to the Web and this is just one example of that.

via: TC