Microsoft Updates Office 365 Admin Center For Simpler Configuration And Monitoring

Microsoft today announced an update to Office 365 Admin Center that will allow simple configuration and monitoring for admins. This simplification includes streamlining how you configure your environment, such as adding new domains, and providing you with more insight so that you can efficiently monitor your service.

Find the new features below,

  • Admins can now add domains with gTLDs directly from the Office 365 admin center. The process is the same as creating domains with common TLDs. Log in to your Office 365 admin center, click domains, and then add your domain. PowerShell is no longer required! As with domains using TLDs, your domains with gTLDs also have their DNS records proactively checked to find and fix any potential DNS issues.
  • Two new reports have been released that enable you to monitor which operating systems and browsers are being used to access Office 365 online. These reports give you a summary view of the different operating systems and browsers and browser versions being used, as well as user details so that you can identify the users who are noncompliant. Using these reports will help you ensure that your environment is protected, your users are getting the best experience possible, and that you have technical support in the event that you need it.

Read more at Office blogs.

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