Microsoft updates Messaging + Skype, People app


Microsoft has updated its People app and Messaging +Skype app in the Windows store. There appear to be no new features in the app itself, with attachments still not yet present in messaging.

For those interested, the version numbers bumped up in messaging from 1.10.28004.0 to 1.11.2003.0 and in People from 10.0.2840.0 to10.0.2991.0.

On that note, we just noticed that the settings app in Build 10581 hints at some future functionality for the messages app.

The messaging settings pane now offers three new options, chat, read receipts and automatic downloads of files.

Should you not want to partake in the entire Skype messaging thing and simply prefer to chat with SMS and MMS, there is an option to switch chat off entirely.

If you’d like your friends to know if you’re ignoring them or not, you can toggle read receipts on and off.

There’s also a setting to download files automatically that some might prefer to be turned off in future to conserve data caps.

Download the apps from the store links below and tell us if you spot any new features in the comments.

Microsoft Kontakte
Microsoft Kontakte
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