Microsoft updates Marketplace guidelines to improve quality

Microsoft has updates their Marketplace guidelines for apps in an effort to improve quality somewhat.

3 areas are addressed – making trials more substantial, making apps more substantial (rather than simple links to web pages) and making screen shots in the entry look better and be more representative.

The changes are below:

2.6 : If your application includes a trial version, the trial version must reasonably represent the functionality and quality of the full application.
2.14 : Your application must have distinct, substantial and legitimate content and purpose other than merely launching a webpage. ( will this see the so many celebrity apps that launch images and tweets about the celebrity pulled down ? )
4.6 : Screenshots must only contain application graphics, and must not include any emulator chrome. Graphically-enhanced screenshots are not allowed. 
4.7.1 : The large and small mobile app tile images must be representative of the application.

Is Microsoft trying to head of problems, or have our readers already run into examples of apps which misrepresent themselves? Let us know below.

Via and Arktronic