Microsoft Updates Bing Maps Preview App For Windows With Improved Public Transportation Experience

Bing Maps Transit
Microsoft today released an update to Bing Maps Preview app for Windows to improve the public transportation information experience..  In select cities in the US, Canada and the UK, you can plan your journey via bus, train or subway in a few short clicks. This new app will now you route options, estimated departure and arrival times overlaid on a beautiful maps experience.  If the next bus is coming up in a couple of minutes, this app will let you know that you need to start hustling to the stop.

Here is how it works,

Say you are planning for an upcoming visit to New York City soon and want to find the quickest public transportation option from JFK airport to your hotel in Times Square. On your Windows 8 PC, simply pull up the transit experience within the app and enter the airport and destination.  We’ll beautifully render a layout showcasing all the different options overlaid on a timeline.  Now you can see how many transfers might be involved, how long the walk is to and from each stop and the overall travel time.  Armed with this you can pick the best option for you.  If you click into one of the listed options, you can learn more about the particular route – walking directions to your stop and estimated walk times.

Search for Nearby Transit Stops

Bing Maps Nearby Transit

A Faster Way to Explore the Streets

Our Streetside imagery lets you explore places in extraordinary detail. We’ve given the experience a turbo-boost allowing you to move around within the experience more quickly. If you hover with your mouse over roads further away, Streetside icon changes to “running” running clicking it will quickly take you to that portion of the road. We’ve also done work to ensure that labels now keep you informed at all times about the streets that you are navigating on. You also have greater control over how quickly you navigate the streets.

Source: Bing