Microsoft Updates Bing For iPhone App With Many New Features


24, 2014

Bing iPhone app

Microsoft today released an update for Bing app for iPhone devices. This is a pretty major update with lots of new features and UX elements. You now have a optional pervasive widget that allows you to navigate with this app. You can now do multiple searches at a time without losing the original search. You can explore the current trends in Live tiles like UI and more. Read about it in detail below.

Search Anywhere

To streamline navigation, we are introducing a pervasive widget that is always available within the app. With a simple tap, you have 4 finger friendly buttons that allow you to return to the homepage, conduct a voice search, conduct a text search or see your Recent searches. If you don’t feel like using the widget – turn it off in the settings and it’ll be out of your way.

Multi-taskers Rejoice! Manage Multiple Searches

When searching on your iPhone, it’s usually in the context of getting things done – whether that’s planning a night out, looking for directions or catching up on the latest news. To get things done swiftly while on the go, Bing now lets you run multiple searches without having to get rid of the original results. Now, you can manage all your Recent searches on the Recent page. Swipe a tile off the screen, if it’s no longer relevant, open a new one to do a new search, or close them all.

Explore Trends with Beautiful Full Screen Tiles

Bing goes beyond a search box, and keeps you in the know. Now when checking out what’s happening in the world, you can glance over what’s trending, and focus in on to what what looks interesting, whether it’s a news article, a trending query, or a trending image.

Flexible Browsing and Bookmarks

Whether you prefer to stay searching within the app or to open pages in Safari, now with a simple click you can open a search result via the browser or add a bookmark to quickly access your favorite sites from within the app. Check out the new bookmark manager – we wanted to make it easier for you to sort through your bookmarks. In addition, you can now expand autosuggested items to further refine a query and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Shake it Up a Bit

Finally, we decided to shake it up a bit. Now, you can shake your phone and we’ll roll the dice to show a trending story on Bing. Don’t like what you see? Shake again.


Source: Bing

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