Microsoft Updates 3D Builder App With Easier-to-use Editing UI, 3D Systems Cloud Printing, Windows RT Support, And More

3D-Builder App

3D Builder app is an easy to use, free app for Windows 8.1 from Microsoft that helps you turn digital objects into physical ones. It also includes a library of example 3D objects to get you started. Today, this app received a major update with several new features.

In the R5 version of 3D Builder, the following new features and enhancements are introduced:

  • Cloud Print (buy a print online from 3D Systems)
  • Overhauled main control, new selection control
  • New trophy parts 3D models
  • Windows RT support
  • Save as STL

Cloud Print option in an interesting one. Now you can print 3D models from the 3D Builder app without having to own a 3D printer, Microsoft partnered with 3D Systems to provide a cloud printing service that anyone can use. By clicking on the “Buy Print” button on the advanced options bar, you can seamlessly order a 3D print and have it mailed to you. Also, the main control has been totally overhauled with new optimizations for touch and usability in this release.

There is new enhanced model manipulation functions, including move, scale, and rotate. In this update you can drag arrows that are rendered right on or next to the model to use these functions. In prior versions of 3D Builder, you would need to use the Main Control (Ex: manipulation of rotation angle) to control these parameters. This new experience offers much more precision and is much more intuitive as well.

Read about the update in detail here. Download the app here from Windows Store for free.